Second Hand Museum


Second-Hand Museum


Installation, clothing, mixed textiles and wood, 

Variable dimensions

Second Hand Museum, an integral part of Habitus, a project that specifically focuses on the dynamics that govern the used clothes market, which since the early 1970s has significantly contributed to the decline and the subsequent deep crisis of the local textiles industry in Nigeria. The decision to create a collection of handmade clothes, inspired by techniques and workmanship of the fabrics in the different Venetian museums, as well as those of Nigeria, was prompted by the search for a creative response to the excessive standardization of contemporary clothing and the historical and symbolic image associated with it.

The secondhand museum is a museum installation showcasing five authentic testimonies of a possible history, in which the clothing patterns recognized and codified in the Venetian tradition are revisited by being mixed and hybridized through the use of repurposed and second hand materials. Accompanying the installation is a brief history of the Museum.