About 1000


About 1000


Outdoor installation – T-shirts, clips, rope, 

Variable dimensions

About 1000 is an installation that takes its theme from the way laundry is hung out to dry in the streets of Venice. The laundry lines are strung with a thousand red garments, T-shirts and other types of clothing, which act as a clear reference to the anniversary of the Unification of Italy. The red shirt, the protagonist of the birth of the Kingdom of Italy, was nothing but a sort of blouse, a work smock worn by workers and artisans. Historical sources indicate that the shirts were handmade using cheap fabric collected by volunteers from a consortium of Uruguayan butchers.

The artist tries to establish a connection with Italian “historical reality”, made up of multiple scattered contents that can only be understood when we attempt to establish a relationship between our own history, our life’s experience, and the experience of the world surrounding us.