Akaisang ye 1277, 1245  •  2020 – ongoing

Life casted hands, paverpol, wood, repurposed jewelry, beads, flowers fabric, resin, Variable Dimension.

The installation shown here comprises two works which are part of a larger body of work I have developed in the last 2- to 3yrs in response to immigrant vilification/prison systems. Using life-cast sculptures of hands from immigrants and their children I have collaborated with, as well as creating forms modelled from our bodies using woven repurposed fabrics, the sculptures made from these fragments of body parts from this community allude to the various forms of barriers and erasure that these neocolonial repressive systems have had on black and brown lives while they attempt to migrate for better living conditions.

The numbering used as the title is derived from the identification systems used by these institutions which further erases the identity of the victims of these various repressive systems of power.