Title: Paper-lace Agbada
Medium: Newspaper, Acylic and ink
size: 365.8×152.4cm

‘Title: Ofong’
Medium:Swiss Magazine and Newspapers
Size: 77x39x30cm
yr: 2014

Title: Oja
Medium:Swiss laces, Second-hand clothes, Piano, sound from Lagos market
Size: variable dimension

Title- Swiss Lace samples
medium – Swiss lace, ink, Swiss magazine
40x50cm each – 12 pieces

During my residency at Villa Strauli, WInthethur, Switzerland. I visited factories in Lustenau, Austria and St.Gallen, Switzerland where laces (embroidered textiles) are produced for the Nigerian market. Engaging the collections of these factories was the point of departure for my these body of work produced during my 3 months sojourn in Switzerland