Fog of Colours
Variable dimension
Mixed fabrics, wood, Second-hand clothing, Life sculptures, Archival photos
Ndise Mmi (self portrait)
C print on dbond
2×3 ft each
The Arti-tude project exposes the dynamics and complexities of Nigerian fashion as an identity across generations and cultures, as researched in archival documents and photos from key historical eras,and derived from Nigerian sartorial identities influenced by European and other foreign contacts with Africa.Articulated in a series of nine self-portraits,titled Ndise mmi (My portrait),the artist embodies the problem of identity,using her body as a starting point from which to interrogate ethnic identity across the Nigerian fashion landscape. “Fog of Colours”builds on this relationship between individual and collective identity via human sculptures of different nationalities performing in hybridized garments,complexify the dialogue and implications of Nigerian traditional dress.